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No one is an island unto themselves. Our sin affects us and those around us. Not only does it affect those around us, but our sin will also affect our children and grandchildren. With this in mind, we must look at how the sins of our forefathers have also affected us and still do today.

The Bible refers to both sin and iniquity. The question that is always asked is, "Are they the same?" The answer is no - one comes from the other. Sin is an action in the present, and iniquity is the source from where the sin came from. Iniquity is a bend in our nature, whereby we are bent or pulled toward particular sins, an generational iniquity is behind the sin that has been practiced in a previous generation. 

This booklet explains in depth how generational iniquity affects each generation. As you work through this booklet, you will work through generational iniquities and break free of the pull towards sinful habits.

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